Thai Yoga Massage

How it is different from other massages?

Allow someone to do yoga for you. Stretch and massage you at the same time! Doesn't this sound wonderful ? Thai massage is very much client driven practice done on a very comfortable thai mattress.

Thai yoga massage is a compassionate, nurturing ancient practice, that can benefit anyone, whether for calm, stress release, relaxation, or to increase the energy and boost the immune system.  This is a very wholesome way to increase energy flow and connect your body with its energetic and spiritual nature. Thai yoga massage is fully clothes on  and is performed in a calm, candle lit  atmosphere, leaving you relaxed and well balanced.

The Practitioner uses his thumbs and palms to massage the recipients body, flowing mama points, (similar to acupuncture/presser points) sen lines, (body energy channels). This unique technique helps to release tension and increases the circulation.


   90  minutes                  :$90.00 

Ayurvedic Thai Yoga massage

Ayurvedic Thai yoga massage is recommended after your first visit. This session will consist of an Ayurvedic constitutional test, a customized Thai Massage and yoga poses, recommended according to your body type. (Vata, Pita, Kapha)

Thai yoga massage for Elderly and Prenatal Thai massage - This soft, table thai yoga massage, and approach, is very suitable for the elderly.   Prenatal massage is done by way of a table or Thai mattress.   A great deal of care is given to this approach, resulting in reduced aches, pain, discomfort and leaving whole. 

Benefits of Thai yoga massage:

Improved Sleep

Increased circulation

Reduced aches and pain

Improved posture

Improved range of motion and flexibility

Lowered blood pressure