Kripalu Yoga

I believe Kripalu yoga awakens your being.  Kripalu yoga focusses on breath awareness, allowing you to savour self-directed kindness & compassion.   It is a genuine balm for the body, mind and soul.

More about Kripalu yoga and LInks:

In a historical sense, yoga refers to the enormous body of spiritual teachings and techniques developed by the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent over the last five thousand years. While Westerners often assume that yoga is a homogeneous tradition, there are hundreds if not thousands of sects and schools of yoga, each with its distinctive doctrines and practices. This fact has led noted yoga scholar Georg Feuerstein to begin his classic work The Yoga Tradition with the words: “Yoga is a spectacularly multifaceted phenomenon and as such it is very difficult to define.”

From the perspective of a beginning practitioner, the term yoga describes the goal sought through practice, as well as the means to realize it. Yoga means union, a reference to the state of body–mind–spirit harmony sought through various disciplines, which are also called yoga. Under this definition, one practices postures and meditation—two common disciplines of yoga—to harmonize his or her body and mind and access a state of unity—the goal of yoga.



Kriplalu teacher training with Aida Neves ( 200 /500 hours)

Yoga-Paint Nights- Wellness Workshops with Tiziana  D'Angelo-Meiorin

BYB yoga retreat in Campbellford, Ontario.