Experience is everything, and here at Priya Yoga, your experience is completely original to your needs. Thai yoga massages and small setting yoga classes enable you the permission to rest, relax and recharge - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Priya Yoga studio offers Thai yoga massages and yoga classes from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Yoga class and Thai yoga massages are 90 minutes, leaving you feeling rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.  



Kripalu is the practice of yoga, with great awareness of your breath, body and mind, while having a compassionate approach to yourself. It allows you to practice yoga on your own terms, abilities and limitations.

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Priya Yoga  studio offers small group classes consisting of 7 to 8 students.   A high degree of individual attention is given to all participants, whatever their level.

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What is Thai yoga massage?

The Practitioner uses his thumbs and palms to massage the recipients body, following mama points (similar to acupuncture/pressure points) sen lines.(body energy channels).

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